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Learn To Fly
Whether you are simply curious about flying or “have it in your blood,” everyone has a different reason for wanting to fly. For some, a Private Pilot license offers freedom from airline schedules. For others, flying is a welcome relief from the stress of the workweek.

Many people fly to visit family, to take vacations in places not served by regular airline service, and to reach business clients at the spur of the moment. For trips of 500 miles or less, the door-to-door travel time can be less when you fly yourself than if you take an airliner because you don’t have to wait in security lines and can fly to small airports nearer your destination.

Flying is not difficult, but it takes effort. In the Des Moines Flying Club you will learn to fly the best way possible – by working “one on one” with a Certified Flight Instructor in who is dedicated to ensuring you become a safe and competent pilot.

How long will it take to earn the license? Most people complete their training in six months to one year. The average student will log 55 to 70 hours of flight training before earning their license.

How often will I take lessons? Most students start by scheduling one lesson per week. After a few lessons, most students will increase the schedule to two or three lessons per week.

How long is a “lesson”? A lesson includes a brief discussion before the flight, then a local or cross-country flight, and then a post-flight review. A local lesson is usually 1 ˝ hours and a cross country can be 3 to 4 hours.

How much will it cost? Costs vary because each person takes a different amount of time to get to the checkride. However, an example of costs for a private pilot license are shown in the table below.

Club membership


Club dues for six months


40 hours aircraft rental




50 hours instructor time


Ground School and supplies


Medical Exam


Written Test


Practical Test




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